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Site for Maaemo a 2 Michelin star restaurant in Norway. Really stripped bak site allowing the photography and personality of the surroundings and the people do the talking. Lovely photography and interesting stories really make the personality quite unique, a taste of Norway.

Created by Bielke+Yang (@bielkeyang).

Site here…

District 13

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Site promoting ‘Mocking Jay’ the latest film in the Hunger Games film/book saga. Hooking up your phone to the browser you can play some small puzzles on your phone to ‘hack’ content – games that uses your phones tilt and motion sensors – really nicely synchronised. You unlock key sections of content to reveal a larger picture of what the film is all about. Lovely glitch effects and again lovely design by Watson D/G, nice typography and futuristic look and feel. Nice bit of fun…

Created by Watson D/G (@watsondg).

Site here…

Destiny Planet View

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destiny-1 destiny-2 destiny-3 destiny-4

Fun site for new video game ‘Destiny’ – game set in the future with a sci-fi interplanetary edge. Starting from a Google Earth view of where you are and zooming out to space – allowing you to choose which planet to explore. Love the streetview-esque spin on the scenes where you explore the kind of people you might find on each planet, all a nice bit of fun. Nice way to bring to life the game a little – and provides way more engagement and excitement than the atypical long scrolling page.

Created by 72andSunny (@72andsunny) and MediaMonks (@mediamonks).

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The Other Side

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honda-r-1 honda-r-2

Really really simple and enjoyable execution of a nice idea – for Honda Type R. Hold down the ‘R’ key on your keyboard while watching the film, it will show the same story and scene from the other side. In this case switching between a dad picking his kids up from school vs picking up his partners in crime fleeing a burglary! Very addictive to switch between the scenes – to see ‘the other side’. Had to include it for its simplicity and elegance, can’t help but smile at this one – and it’s just a car ad!

Created by W+K London (@W2Optimism), and Stink Digital (@stinkdigital).

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Guillame Bouvet

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Lovely site for Guillame Bouvet, French industrial designer. Modern and fresh the editorial layout combined with transitions and animations brings out the details in his creations. Love the way you zoom into images – all within the white frame. It looks great and all the small details, rollovers – animations and so on bring it all to life.

Created by Rezo Zero (@rezo_zero).

Site here…