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Welcome To The Experiment

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Site promoting the new film ‘The Quiet Ones’. Essentially an interactive trailer that takes you through the premise of the film, through short interactive scenes – i.e. opening the door, turning on the lights etc. Lots of ambient sound fx, full bleed videos and imagery really provide an immersive experience – much better than a basic site with the cast / stills / trailer and so on.

Created by Hybrid Studio.

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Genealogy of Nike Free

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Site showing the genealogy of Nike Free trainers through intricate 3d models of key Nike free models. The detail on the model is incredible, with each part of the shoe rendered with Web GL. Attention to detail is great, the noise layer and colour hues at different edges of the Y axis. Nice to see something a bit different to show off some shoes.


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Benoit Challand

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Portfolio site of 3D Artist & Illustator Benoit Challand. Really nice portfolio of work wrapped up in a responsive site sprinkled with elements of delight. Love the main screen with the bold typographic layout highlighting latest project with the remainder of the projects sitting below in a fun multi layer layout. Really nice palette of colour highlights for the projects and I love the transitions to and from the various sections. Really fresh, modern, and well executed example of a portfolio site.

Created by Jerome Bodin (@hermetikstudio) and Leo Cheron (@mrgnou).

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I Remember

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Site to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s disease. The idea is a landscape of memories that you can explore – represented by an undulating sea of twinkling lights. The execution is fantastic, really slick and filmic – from the grain, the transitions and camera views to the letterbox viewport. The premise is that if people stop submitting memories to the site – it will disappear, which I guess will inevitably happen, again tying back into Alzheimer’s.

Created by Werkstatt Paris (@WerkstattParis).

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Active Theory

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Site of Active Theory a digital production house in Venice, CA. Their body of work is impressive and is wrapped up in a nicely done, nicely animated site. Love the labs section – where you can see their dabbling in Web GL / Javascript experiments – also nicely shown on the homepage with the undulating interactive circles.

Created by Active Theory (@active_theory).

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Site of John Iacoviello a software developer based in Canada. Based around a 3d box that represents the different sections of the site when clicked performs the ol’ glitch effect – nice to see it done in Javascript / Canvas. Some nice touches here and there and good to see a portfolio not adhering to the standard template.

Created by John Iacoviello (@mystaticself).

Site here…

Google Night Walk

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Lovely site for Google Street view, best explained on the site: “an immersive journey through lively Cours Julien, a neighbourhood of Marseille famous for its unique atmosphere and street art. Listening to your guides Julie and Christophe, you can wander around the vibrant streets as if you were really there, thanks to 360-degree panoramas that we captured at night.” Really nicely realised and crafted, like the streetview you are used to but with the the additional hotspots and tools to really explore the neighbourhood. Love the sound design too, as you pass bars you hear the business and the autoplay commentary really adds a nice dimension to the experience.

Created by 72andSunny Amsterdam (@72andsunny) and Media Monks (@mediamonks).

Site here…