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Lovely site for speciality book store in Amsterdam – described as “A candy store for book aficionados”. Bold type, and large imagery funnel the viewer down the page with a mixture of editorial, curated, and book suggestions. Some really nice features here with smooth transitions and a great attention to detail. Love the preloader and new page slide in representing a new page – nice link back to the printed medium. On top of this it looks lovely, well designed and interesting layouts that really life the experience.

Created by Build in Amsterdam (@buildinams).

Site here…

The Vanishing Game

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Interesting approach for Land Rover USA, an interactive story written by author William Boyd. Featuring a montage of audio and visuals, telling the story of a man in his 30s given a mysterious chance job to drive a Land Rover to Scotland. Some nice basic interactivity and nicely put together to provide a compelling story – relying on the audience’s captivation the story is divided into 8 parts. A bold approach to interactive storytelling which works nicely.

Created by Y&R New York (@YRNY) and Tool (@ToolofNA).

Site here…

Where is Danny Torrance?

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Site promoting Stephen King’s new book ‘Doctor Sleep’, the sequel to the Shining. Lots of windows revealing different scenes from the book, quite a cinematic experience – from doors animating down corridors, driving scenes – to hacked javascript glitching – it all creates a tense mood. Its been a while since i’ve seen multi-windowed story telling – and this is a great example. If you hook up your phone to the same network you can have a dual-screen experience – use your mobile screen to unlock a door and so on, it adds an extra layer of interactivity and story telling. Really nice, interactive, and unexpected execution of a promo site for a book.

Created by Domani Studios (@domanistudios).

Site here…