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Site of School, a Japanese creative collective/agency. Nicely crafted body of work wrapped in a modern site full of nice interactions, transitions, and animations. Super smooth and pretty damn slick.

Created by School.

Site here…

R Magazine

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Site of Japanese lifestyle magazine R Magazine. Featuring a variety of content such as fashion through to food. Sleek and minimal design with editorial and fashion photography. Love the subtle scrolling effect and art direction throughout, with lots of small UI details and transitions.

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Site for Japanese interior design firm Draft. Lovely portfolio of work brought to life with lots of nice animation, transitions and interactions. It looks great, lots of large type and offset details that really break up the page and inject a sense of energy.

Created by Shiftbrain Inc (@shiftbrain).

Site here…

Tokyo Stories

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Site documenting various people who live in Tokyo, their lives, and their tips & recommendations for the city. In their own words “a community driven initiative that seeks to establish the modern Tokyojin. We aim to authentically and organically capture, document, and communicate Tokyo’s unique urban culture through the insight and experience of the very people that shape it while redefining what it means to call Tokyo home.” Interesting form of storytelling through in depth journeys. Lovely photography and design, love the blend of inline video and sprinkles of Google Maps that bring the stories to life. Nice transitions and art direction tie it all together to create a compelling experience.

Created by Monopo.

Site here…

Mass Art Program

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Site for new art project that invites artists to create in-house artwork for companies that co-create with the team. Lovely execution, love the transition from the header to the page view. It looks loverly with several nice UI moments and love the typography reveals on the homepage, where blocks of black transition into the type.

Created by Sonicjam (@sonicjam_Inc).

Site here…


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Site for Japanese ad agency Hotchkiss. Love the 3D tiles that shuffle and move as you scroll – really interesting way of presenting thumbnails and projects. Shame it doesn’t filter down into the project view. Nice clean minimal UI and layout that lets the content do the talking.

Created by Hotchkiss.

Site here…

Message Design Lab

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Cool site for Message Design Center agency based in Japan. Love the 3D interactive type on the homepage, which transitions into the hero image for that project when tapped. Also love the company page where 3D characters float across the screen changing into photos – very cool. Nice, clean and simple portfolio site.

Created by homunculus (@homuculu).

Site here…

Act of Love

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The digital accompaniment of a new book documenting various animals love rituals. Love the minimal pared down approach which highlights various movements and behaviors the animals have – shown simply through moving shapes. Click on the animation and a page split appears and more information is shown. Nice transitions and love the unifying way of displaying the simple animations to highlight the various weird and wonderful ‘acts of love’.

Created by Projector Japan (@koichiroot).

Site here…

Deju Vu – Kamra

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Beautiful interactive music experience from artist Kamra. Watch as your face gets detected and peel off to become a 3D animated object navigating a landscape of sounds and surrealism. Beautifully executed with great dynamic 3D scenes, animation and visual storytelling. Fantastic way of pairing music with a dynamic, personalized interactive experience.

Created by Invisible Designs Lab (@invisi_dl) and dot by dot inc.

Site here…

Music for a Dying Star

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Site promoting new compilation album ‘Alma music box’ – a collaboration with various artists using data from space observatories in Japan. The site shows 3D rotating discs playing snippets from the album, highlighting some of the data used as rhythms – tying back to the idea of star constellations. Beautiful execution and interesting way of creating a new album microsite.

Created by Epiphany Works (@Epiphanyworks) and Party NY (@prty_ny).

Site here…

Ryoji Yamada

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Site of Japanese animator Ryoji Yamada. Love how the site starts, with flickering animations that spool up and represent the old zoetrope, eventually giving a vertically scrolling montage of the films. Click on a film and you see it in-situ. Love how the execution really reflects the medium.

Created by Ryoji Yamada (@ryojiyamada).

Site here…