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Gorgeous site of Tomato brand Duroc. Love the grid of bite size snippets from the company – each with corresponding hand made animations. Nicely executed with lots of nice transitions and animations from subtle parallax effects and wonderful transitions from grid view to article view. Beautiful art direction with nice palette of colours and warm paper / tactile style visuals. Proof that creativity and design can come from many places – in this case for the corporate site of snack tomato makers in Morocco.

Created by Bonhomme (@BonhommeParis).

Site here…

0 Days Off

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Site for book – Zero Days Off – best explained by the author “it is a true reflection of the life journey that I did not choose to take, but one that I now follow every day. Although it is a story about my own fight, with what I can only describe as a rare undiagnosed digestive illness causing me continuous physical pain, it is also a story about progress and purpose.” A little contrived – but the site is lovely. Love the animated homescreen with elements responding to the scroll position. Lots of nice details, transitions, and animations.

Created by Immersive Garden (@Immersive_g).

Site here…

Maeva Barriere

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Lovely site for Maeva Barriere – French culinary artist – ‘food art’. Loads of fantastic transitions, masks and black and white reveals. It feels very refined and premium, with lots of white space and elegant design. Lots of nice details such as the preloader bar, love the ‘back’ button at the end of each page, superb animations and fantastic execution.

Created by MASHVP (@mashvp).

Site here…

J. Hornig – Johos

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Beautiful site taking you on a journey through Brazil to find a certain coffee bean. The chapter based story depicts scenes from Brazil, photos and video – and simple small snippets of info brought to life through infographics and motion. Lovely layout and story telling really gives a flavour of what the coffee is all about, brought to life with simple and elegant animations and transitions.

Created by Wild (@madebywild).

Site here…

BBQ Cultures

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Site promoting Weber BBQs – through showing the world of BBQs and how they are used all over the globe. This is shown through a series of linked videos and locations, from smoking salmon in the woods to a BBQ whilst watch football in Germany. Nice alternating grid layout at each location, allowing you to explore hints and tips on how to make the perfect BBQ, such as how to sharpen your tools properly, how to look for the right kinds of meat and so on. This is all created in an informative way that is actually useful. All in all a nice branding piece lifted by a dynamic interface that lets you explore the world of BBQ cultures.

Created by UncleGrey (@uncle_grey) and MediaMonks (@mediamonks).

Site here…

Creative Edge Parties

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Really interesting site for Creative Edge Parties – event planners and caterers based in NY. Love the creative approach to the project, packed full of personality with bouncing, pulsing interactive transitions – love the ‘play’ section of the site where interactive experiments take the stage. Every section of the site has something to play with or interact with – all a bit of fun. Lots of cool transitions and 3D elements and animations.

Created by Adam Hartwig (@ImAdamTM).

Site here…


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Site for Maaemo a 2 Michelin star restaurant in Norway. Really stripped bak site allowing the photography and personality of the surroundings and the people do the talking. Lovely photography and interesting stories really make the personality quite unique, a taste of Norway.

Created by Bielke+Yang (@bielkeyang).

Site here…

Food Porn Index

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Fun site for Bolthouse Farms to promote healthy eating by tracking how little people post socially about fruit & vegetables. Interesting way of showing this by loads of fun experiments such as clouds of grapes, a row of fruit you can squish, a carrot keyboard and so on! Fun way of highlighting the difference in healthy vs unhealthy food in a non educational / boring way.

Created by Tiny Rebellion (@Tiny_Rebellion).

Site here…

Nespresso Trieste & Napoli

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Lovely site for Nespresso showcasing 2 limited edition flavours – Napoli and Trieste. Fantastic 3d animated illustrations of the scenes evoking the ambience of both towns. Lovely animations and transitions and a great level of detail – love the way the scene colours in when you click on the label of the scene. Really nice site with a lovely ambience – really nicely executed.

Created by Werkstatt (@WerkstattParis), and Lowe Strateus (@lowestrateus).

Site here…

Roll With Maki-san

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Roll With Makisan

Roll With Makisan

Roll With Makisan

Fun site from Singapore promoting Maki-San an eatery selling sushi, wraps, salads and so on. Love the animations and the transitions from each section (the whole page gets wrapped up in roll!) the attention to detail is incredible – all the various sections fun to explore and bringing something new. Also a big fan of the music and sound fx! A really fun and playful site.

Created by Kinetic Singapore (@kineticsg).

Site here…


Dhanja – Nespresso

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Beautiful site promoting Nespresso’s new Dhjana coffee blend from sustainable sources. You discover the sources of the coffee panning around the scene. Full of stunning animations and smooth transitions, the site is brought to life. It looks fantastic, full of polish and well designed, amount of detail is incredible from the smallest of animations to buttons and so on. There is also a great soundtrack – it is full of sound – which really ties it all together. Really beautiful…

Crafted by Soleil Noir and Lowe Stratus.

Site here…


Choose Up2U

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Fun site for Up2U chewing gum from the makers of Mentos. Giving you the choice to view a scene between various scenarios such as an astronaut or a hip hop artist, zombies and a game show, where your actions are the same in each – all based around the concept of the gum – 2 flavours – 1 pack. I like the way you swap between the scenes using your mouse to drag between them, with your hands and so on perfectly matched between the scenes. It looks great too, and nicely crafted.

Site here…