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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Subaru and the Environment

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Highlighting Subaru’s CSR initiatives and relationship with the environment. Featuring a dynamic and fluid timeline that is first formed by tree rings – you can zoom in and out and the timeline unravels and populates with events. The execution sets this whole experience a level above, from the slick transitions, animations, and interactions. Fantastic attention to detail – great example of a timeline based experience.

Created by Resn (@resn_has_no_i).

Site here…

Younus Abdalla

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Fantastic portfolio by creative developer Younus Abdalla. Super simple, featuring screen captures of his work in an elegant minimal interface. Love the slide out nav and the personality in the animation and interactions. It is also beautifully designed, with nice attention to detail – love the feeling of energy and movement in the layout. Great example of a modern portfolio.

Created by Younus Abdalla (@younusabdalla).

Site here…

Kid. Studio

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Site of Toronto based creative agency Kid. Studio. Fun homepage with nicely treated visuals that rotate around in 3D space linking to the relevant project with nicely implemented parallax effect on scroll. Minimal layout and monotone styling with nice details, like the Ken preloader, finish this agencies folio.

Created by 56 (@fifty6studio).

Site here…

Ryoji Yamada

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Site of Japanese animator Ryoji Yamada. Love how the site starts, with flickering animations that spool up and represent the old zoetrope, eventually giving a vertically scrolling montage of the films. Click on a film and you see it in-situ. Love how the execution really reflects the medium.

Created by Ryoji Yamada (@ryojiyamada).

Site here…

Code Doodles

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Lovely site containing many ‘code doodles’ short and sweet interactive experiments, that are also a Chrome plugin. Real simple layout making it easy to dip in and out of the doodles. Love the breadth of doodles available, all from a range of different coders and artists. Nice wrapper for the doodles with lots of slick transitions and animations, and nice UI details too.

Created by Nexus Interactive Arts (@nexuslondon).

Site here…

The Intercept – Drone Papers

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Redesign of ‘The Intercept’ a platform for reporting on leaked documents and thought provoking stories. This example shows a series of stories about Drones and their use in covert operations. Love the mixture of full bleed video, large imagery, and editorial layout to create an impactful design. Some really nice UI touches such as the menu, the sticky nav on the left, and bookending of articles and pages. Well crafted with insightful content and well designed layout full of thoughtful details.

Created by First Look Media (@firstlook).

Site here…