Giovanna Silva

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Site of photographer Giovanna Silva and travel photography from across the world. Love the minimal home screen which leads into immersive galleries of imagery, tap to proceed to leave a tapestry of photography. Very simple and interesting way of presenting a body of work.

Created by Display.

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Drôle de Monsieur

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Site of French label Drôle de Monsieur. Minimal experience with a considered and playful take on depth with interesting type and photography driven layouts. Love the collection pages, once in the sections playful horizontal scrolling with subtle 3D touches. Lots of cool design details such as the slowly moving hollowed out type throughout which adds a sense of dynamism.

Created by Martin Silvestre (@martinsilvestre) and Kévin Chassagne.

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Concrete Rep

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Site of Concrete Rep a UK based rep agency for artists working in the fashion, editorial, and advertising industries. Love the homescreen with the segmentation of the various artists scrolling down the page with locked elements such as title creates a wonderful sense of movement. Also love all the subtle patterns and interactions such as scrolling to the end of the project takes you back to the previous page. It looks beautiful too, elegant and clean, with dynamic colour palette and great use of typography.

Created by International Magic (@intmagicgroup).

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Site of Centerfold a “Montreal-based organization with the aim of driving social and economic change in the art industry. Our goal is to enable artists to gain funding, visibility, and access”. You can buy the curated prints or browse around a virtual gallery a fun feature that replicates a surreal 3D exhibition space. Nice idea and nicely executed.

Created by Mackenzie Davidson (@40mackenzie).

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On The Rocks

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Site of jewelry magazine On The Rocks. Short and sweet with minimal layout hosting a diverse range of photography and lifted with the addition of fun interactions, mouse over the parts of the site for a contextual button and for flicking through the magazine. Shows that even the smallest of interactivity makes it that much more compelling.

Created by On The Rocks (@ontherocks_mag).

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R Magazine

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Site of Japanese lifestyle magazine R Magazine. Featuring a variety of content such as fashion through to food. Sleek and minimal design with editorial and fashion photography. Love the subtle scrolling effect and art direction throughout, with lots of small UI details and transitions.

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Shantell Martin

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Site of artist Shantell Martin. Awesome homepage comprised of her artwork reacting to mouse position – love the mirroring of the artwork in the UI. Nice transition to the projects section and great bold design. Like the lazy loading of additional content when you’ve seen each project. Lovely work.

Created by Anton & Irene (@antonandirene).

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Nom Nom Vega

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Site for photographer Nadya-Vanessa Vega attempting to tease a new book. Love the typing out of the message, adds a subtle element of curiosity whilst moving your cursor around brings up small thumbnails of the photography. Really simple, but full of personality.

Created by Moby Digg (@MobyDigg).

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Digital magazine 110% – a lovely multimedia experience that combines video, audio, photography in an editorial style layout. Loads of nice details – love when you scroll items into your viewport the sounds fades in and out, in line block that shows your scroll progress. It looks gorgeous, and has lots of great transitions and animations to bring the content to life.

Created by Wild (@madebywild).

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Diane Martel

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Love this portfolio of creative director, photographer and film maker Diane Martel. Featuring a beautiful minimal interface consisting of a 3D menu that you scroll vertically – even with sub menu items it remains easy to use. On rollover see a preview and on click a nice horizontal scrolling carousel of imagery. Great to see a refreshing take on the standard folio site, beautifully done.

Created by Ben Wegscheider (@benbesen).

Site here…

Marie Liszkay

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Site of French photographer specializing in high end fashion and beauty photography. Very elegant and simple design that allows the photography to pop, love the background colour transitions that match the imagery in foreground. Love the seamless transitions that add a subtle premium well polished feel to the site. It looks great and lots of nice details that make fun to explore.

Created by 60fps (@weare60fps) and David Ebellino.

Site here…

Liam Ricketts

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Site of London based photographer Liam Ricketts. Interesting wavy fabric based header image, revealing an elegant site to explore the photographer’s folio. Love the rollover effect which isolates particular projects, but love the horizontal scrolling mechanic even more. Nicely implemented – with offset grid of images and supporting text, like how once scrolled to end the next suggestion is suggested. Refreshing, clean and modern photographers site – nice.

Created by Jack Wild (@isjackwild).

Site here…