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Site promoting new Ubisoft game ‘Watchdogs’ an action/adventure game set in the modern age of communication and data. This site pulls in public live data from lots of different sources such as Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, transport grids, phone mast locations, cctv etc etc – and plots it all on a series of 3d maps across London, Paris and Berlin. The detail is quite incredible, featuring moving trains, phone networks, twitter messages, all in a 3d interface which moves nicely as you click and drag around the map. It really gives the impression of the amount of data in the world around us – all nicely colour coded and with icons to tell the differences between each bit of information. It looks really cool too – with the dark background and glowing icons and drawing lines – when you pan the buildings are draw all in 3d boxes, with particles at different heights giving that illusion of depth. A very cool site – all built in Flash – ¬†full of interactivity and dynamic information rendered in a 3d map!

Created by BETC Paris, (@BETCParis).

Site here…

Les Revenants

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Canal+ site promoting new series Les Revenants – again with the 360 drag to view mechanism. What I really like here is the feeling of depth and quality of the scenes, it really feels very immersive. You explore various locations and meet some of the characters from the series – the way they have placed video inside the scene is fantastic – with characters closer to you appearing closer with a kind of parallax effect. Really well crafted and fun to explore…

Created by BETC Paris, @BETCParis.

Site here…