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Site of London based record label Whities. Simple mechanic of scrolling through artists – love the way the background transitions – and tapping through to reveal videos and so on, love the way the windows layer. Really simple and enjoyable mechanic that keeps your context. Looks great, nice minimal design.

Created by Alex McCullough and Lemuel Dix (@hlemtr0n).

Site here…

Timeline Gallery

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Interesting UI for exploring the latest updates for the concept of the Timeline Gallery in the Netherlands. Navigate the content by tapping on the individual cards – with the latest at the front of the stack, oldest at the back. Really simple, interesting, and exploratory way of presenting content.

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Lovely site for speciality book store in Amsterdam – described as “A candy store for book aficionados”. Bold type, and large imagery funnel the viewer down the page with a mixture of editorial, curated, and book suggestions. Some really nice features here with smooth transitions and a great attention to detail. Love the preloader and new page slide in representing a new page – nice link back to the printed medium. On top of this it looks lovely, well designed and interesting layouts that really life the experience.

Created by Build in Amsterdam (@buildinams).

Site here…

60th Anniversary Omega Speedmaster

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Celebrating 60 years of the famous Omega Speedmaster watch made famous for being the first watch worn on the moon. Love the way they’ve highlighted all the special editions and for each explained the movement of the watch, specs, and all using a parallax scroll method. Shame you have to scroll up to go through the content. Nicely designed, nice photography and overall a nice experience.

Site here…

Shantell Martin

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Site of artist Shantell Martin. Awesome homepage comprised of her artwork reacting to mouse position – love the mirroring of the artwork in the UI. Nice transition to the projects section and great bold design. Like the lazy loading of additional content when you’ve seen each project. Lovely work.

Created by Anton & Irene (@antonandirene).

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Site of fashion designer Ulrik Martin Larsen. Featuring the clothing on people wearing dark body suits – really lets the clothing and the artworks combine. Love the mixture of videos and imagery for each of the projects, and the way the interface transitions seamlessly – some interesting navigation patterns in use here.

Created by PutPut (@stephanfriedli).

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Site of Glamuzina Architects based out of New Zealand. Lovely body of architecture work, brought to life through a wonderfully minimal site, with a dot grid, and splashes of colour. Love the little emojis dotted throughout, and the hits of colour on rollover in certain sections. Love the design and art direction…

Created by Sons & Co (@timkelleher).

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Site for Belgium based agency Undefined. Fun collection of states you click through to get a mixture of projects, culture, and experimentation from the design agency. Really different and engaging way of exploring their world and getting a feel for the agency. Love the mixture of styles and media to which encourages you to get to the end of the site.

Created by Undefined.

Site here…

Nom Nom Vega

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Site for photographer Nadya-Vanessa Vega attempting to tease a new book. Love the typing out of the message, adds a subtle element of curiosity whilst moving your cursor around brings up small thumbnails of the photography. Really simple, but full of personality.

Created by Moby Digg (@MobyDigg).

Site here…

Anagram Paris

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Site for agency based in Paris Anagram. Lovely homepage with the images scrolling within their mask with movement – love the brush script and splashes of mint colour. Nice subtle animations and transitions throughout all which lift the content. Lots of whitespace and room for the content to breathe, love all the subtle UI elements such as in-line preloading on thumbnails or rollover states.

Created by Anagram Paris (@anagramparis).

Site here…


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Fun little site that takes places from anywhere on the world and produces a 3D relief of the topography of the area. Type in a place and you get a grid, which you can split into a puzzle, make a 3D file and even send off to print. Love the simplicity of the experience, nice idea and nice design.

Created by Hush (@hushstudios).

Site here…